It all starts with a conversation.

Ian and Graham, founding partners at Pixel Media created the business because they saw a real need and a real opportunity to put the North East on the business map of the UK. Here in the North East of England we are surrounded by some incredible, hardworking businesses that are passionate about what they do.
We aim to tap into that passion through the quality of our design. We aim to provide a service and brand that people can trust in. You can trust that we care about your business. Trust that you will receive designs of value to you that are authentic because they carry your own spirit and values in them. This way, we can bring out the character of the North East and the businesses that work in it. We don’t just design, we reflect who you are and where you live and work.
  • Our Vision is to help businesses in the North East of England THRIVE!

  • Our Mission is to work with clients to provide digital design that adds outstanding value using creative thinking.

  • Our Guarantee is to save you time by visiting you to create the digital design that adds value to your business.

Our Values are: Outstanding Value | Creativity | Collaboration

Graham Marsh - Director

Graham has an eye for detail and design is central to the way he is wired.


The creativity of Pixel Media flows from Grahams forward thinking, fresh and innovative ideas.


Graham knows how to grab attention and is adaptable in the sectors where he can deliver this. A problem solver and sense of reason, Graham is the creative driving force behind Pixel Media’s ability to deliver a service that is unique.


Some great philosopher once said “Design may not save the world, but it will make it more pleasant to live in”

Ian Proctor - Director

Ian has worked in many different industries at many differing levels. What has been consistent throughout is Ian’s ability to communicate well at all levels of business and a range of groups within society.


Having a BA with honours and graduating from Durham University, Ian has proved that he can work consistently with reason, understanding and balance. Durham University develops a set of principles based on research. With this background, Ian is an advocate for honesty and clarity.

Ian specialises in communicating with business owners and marketing departments to create positive outcomes for the business. Collaboration is Ian’s key focal point within the business.


Some great philosopher once said “People don’t buy from business, they buy from people”