Keeping your business moving.
Monthly Services

Our monthly service packages are designed to impact your sales power and increase interest in your business online and in the market place. Action is most effective with planning. Pixel Media plan for action with monthly services that will benefit your business with testing and measuring put in place to ensure a positive return on investment. Do the same thing and receive the same outcomes.


We will identify projects outcomes and change elements that require change and boost projects that work well.

Put Pixel Media in control of your marketing and have your marketing under control. We leave you to do what you do best.

We want to work with you to provide digital design that adds outstanding value using creative thinking.

Pixel Media provide a razor sharp consultation package aimed at moving your business forward through customer targeting.


Having all the tools necessary to promote your business, we need also to know about your business and its customer base to really hit the ground running.

Google Fresh

How do I get to the top of Google? It is a question I often get asked and is not as straight forward an answer as you may hope. Google have a complex and highly sophisticated algorithm that dictates the answer to this question. 


Here at Pixel Media we are honest and open about the route your business needs to take to increase the chances of claiming a higher position on the platform.

Website Tracking

Our website tracking package brings a wealth of information to you on a monthly basis where you can process data and act accordingly to ensure your website delivers at increasing levels for your business over the course of time.


The Pixel Media team are always on hand to help you make any decisions that you need to make ensuring progress.

Website Updates

Our business changes from week to week and we know yours does also. Slight changes week to week are large changes month to month and year to year.


We offer this package to ensure your website moves with your business. As a window to your business online, your website ought to be updated as regularly as your business is.

Speak to our team about your project... it all starts with a conversation.

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