A Businesses Best Friend

Momentum is a business’s best friend. When a business has momentum there is a different feel from top to bottom. There is a buzz and positive vibe with ideas coming from every angle. 

Momentum is like a wave. Catch it, and the wave can take you to your shore or destination. In the midst of momentum we need to keep a look out for the next wave. We need to move the shore back, set a new destination further than the last. Some call it vision, some a goal.

What did the last wave look like before you caught it? That’s what you need to keep doing. In the midst of a wave, sometimes we forget about the next wave and what brought us to the wave we are riding. That’s why we all need help, advice and someone that has time to look out for the next wave for us. Riding a wave can block your senses to the reasons for the momentum and cloud your vision for the next wave. 

At the height of momentum is certainly not a time to stop working on the next wave. Quite the opposite, it's the time to work on the next wave. 

Who can help you with the next wave and to help the current wave take you as far as you would like.

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