Creating Trust In A Business To Business Relationship

Digital Agency

Last week I was speaking with a customer who had a dealing with a company that has the same type of services that Pixel Media provide. His experience was not good. The company were charging him hundreds of pounds for a free service. They literally have not done anything but have his account registered on their account.


From this I have located an issue many of my potential clients may have with digital agencies and design agencies. Why should I trust them? We can say this about many different service types across a wide range of sectors. I liken it to my garage. The guys that repair my car. I have to trust them. I would hate to think I placed my car in the hands of someone incompetent or worse still, none trust worthy. I personally want my car repairing to a high standard and then I don’t want the garage to have my eyes out by telling me I need something fixed when I don’t need to.

Why We Gain/Lose Trust

I always remember my dad, who is an electrician, telling me that he rewired a garage in a local town. He was up in the top of the warehouse hanging from the ceiling. During his couple of weeks work here he found that every nice sporty car that came, got a very thorough test drive. He said that the cars would get lost in a cloud of smoke from wheel spinning and generally playing around from the mechanics. We all worry about garages telling us that we need a new this, that and another when actually, there is nothing wrong with it. We can relate to this in almost every business we interact with.


Just like the garage, there are many digital agencies that say they are 1 thing and actually demonstrate a complete other perspective. This is why I set up in the world of digital agencies. I want to provide the people of the North East an option where they can have confidence. Just like the mechanic, many business owners struggle to understand the online and design side of their business? As a digital marketing business, I want to gain credibility and give assurance to my customers.

Great Relationships

How can we, as businesses (no matter which sector we work) give that assurance? I have a great rapport with my local garage, plumber and energy provider. I built this with them and them with me. I trust them because I got to know them. Thinking about it, the most important thing for me is relationship.

A Big World

Faceless businesses that provide no guarantees are a scary prospect to me. In a world that is shrinking by the day. A world where India, China, Indonesia and the like can contact us via email, Whats App, Facebook, Website, Skype and a whole lot more, how can we trust their intentions? We have more colleges calling themselves colleges and giving out certificates for a tenner. A plethora of so called reputable companies contacting us from anywhere telling us they are the best at…..   and we are qualified to…….

I Love Customer Service

Be careful, be wise and get to know the people involved. There is nothing you can’t get somewhere else that you cannot get from around about you. I love going out and seeing my customers. I enjoy the interaction and the special bonds that are made through face to face dialogue. The world may be shrinking all the time, but you can never replace that face to face trust and assurance with faceless interactions. I for one am offering my customers that relationship. We want to be as open and as honest as we can. I want to do a great job and help those that acquire my services. I am currently looking at how we as a business can portray this better without being too…………… know, salesy!

What are you doing? How are you doing it?

Please have your say…………………………………………………..


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