CrEATivity for Breakfast

Off the back of last weeks blog, I have been considering creativity more and more.

The Pixel Media office is full of creativity. Our minds are always on the go with ideas and concepts. What we find though, is the truly creative moments are at times where we have no pen and paper to write the ideas down.

The ‘creative moment’ is often stimulated through an observation of an everyday occurrence. Driving the car, making a sandwich, watching a movie, speaking with a friend etc.

I find the most creative moments are in bed at around 3am when the world spins through your mind. How many incredible ideas that have been generated there and stay there, never to be exposed to the colourful world we live.

Graham and I use Whats App and a document of our lives can be summed up on our Whats App feed. We bounce our ideas around on a random Whats App message. The joy of having a mobile phone glued to your hand.

The importance on giving legs to these ideas is the important moment. An idea or thought is not enough. We need to get it down. That’s what we are great at. Come and see us or any graphic design company and chat. Discuss your thoughts and ideas and get them designed and out there. Give them some legs. Better still, give them some wings and let your ideas fly.

Creativity is nothing in your mind. Release your creativity and let the world marvel.


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