Invest In Your Brand

Answer These Questions Before Any Marketing Campaign!

What call to action do you have for your customers?

What do your customers look like?

Where do your customers come from?

What do your customers like that you can cater for?

Businesses need the best return on investment. Striking images and designs that stand out are only a part of a great marketing strategy. Bespoke advertising images and presence in the market place is essential in building a business brand. So often customers tell us what they want and there is a chasm between what they want and what they need.

I think media and marketing companies have made a rod for their own backs by just accepting their customer’s initial wishes. Why you may ask, well the answer is simple. It is easier to go with the flow than it is to re-educate the customer which would take time and effort.

Businesses need to start asking some of the questioned outlined at the start and delve into what their customers need.

Advertising ought to be a business principle to create revenue, not a business cost.

£100 marketing cost vs £1000 marketing revenue is a different plain of thinking.