Is traditional marketing dying?

You may be quick to say yes, as I was. We live in a digital world, it's rare to find someone who doesn't have any form of social media and even rarer to find someone who doesn’t have a phone. So you may be quick to say that traditional marketing has died out and been replaced by digital marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is any marketing or advertising that is not online which usually falls into four brackets: print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone. It was the first form of marketing, therefore you may be under the impression it is becoming outdated and lacks vigour.

When asked this question, I would completely agree. Yes, traditional marketing is no longer necessary in this climate! Digital marketing has completely dominated, it is the best form of marketing! But I believe I am slightly biased here, therefore I am taking off my social media marketing manager glasses and re-evaluating the traditional landscape.

Benefits of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing holds a whole host of benefits, mainly its ability to reach your local target audience precisely. If you are selling a beauty product, you would advertise within women's magazines or hand out fliers at a beauty convention, delivering your sale precisely to the target audience.

Traditional marketing establishes your brand's credibility. Psychologically, printed adverts are more likely to be viewed as trustworthy due to their association with established mediums and bigger budgets, implying the brand is stable.

Longevity of traditional marketing

When thinking about advertisements that have stuck in my head, one comes straight to mind. I promise, I'm not being told to say this, the one advertisement that comes to mind is Pixel Media’s sign outside our office.

You will understand if you have seen it. Find it on Instagram under the hashtag #holdianshand. If you are unfamiliar, our sign has an image of Pixel Media’s owner, wearing his Mother-In-Law's swimming costume anchored with “Do you want to stand out?”.

Situated next to a busy street in an industrial park, it is seen by many, noticed by a few. Only a few individuals may see and take interest in our services, but everyone who sees it will definitely remember it. It may be useful for them now or in the future.

The point is, they remember it. The money that was used to buy that sign could have been used on Facebook ads or a social media campaign, it may have reached a larger audience. But would it have been as striking and unique?

Absolutely not. You would have forgotten about it a few seconds later. With our sign, a few seconds later you are thinking “ Was that man in a swimming costume?!”. Traditional marketing has the ability to catch you, surprise you and keep you interested.

Is digital as impactful?

Digital marketing is still revolutionising the marketing of products, using every platform to reach you, as a consumer. However, due to the repetitiveness of digital advertising, I believe we have become desensitised to many of the sales messages projected by a business.

Where many of the most successful advertisements have been printed or televised. Can you remember a striking advertisement you have seen on social media recently? I definitely cannot. However, I could tell you about McDonald's new television adverts.

Your marketing route

Traditional marketing is still extremely powerful! When considering what marketing route to travel down, it's important to understand your marketing needs and goals, your budget and which audience you want to target.

Combining both usually leads to a great synergy that has the potential to reach a local, national and international audience. Know your audience; what they want, where they are and what they consume.

Here at Pixel Media, we can provide proficiency in marketing, establishing the best avenue to explore to get you exposure to your business.