Is Your Website A Live Volcano Or A Mole-Hill?

People Search The Web

2018 is here and as business owners we are fully aware of the power of an online presence. People searching the world wide web is ubiquitous. Want an answer to a question? Want to Know about something? Researching a product? What do other people think? Pick up a phone, tablet or hop onto a P.C. and the answer is usually 2 or 3 clicks away. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft and the rest have search engines that we ask. They all give answers. As business owners, you want your business to be the answer.

People Ask Questions

What are you doing to be the answer to all the questions that are being asked online? Google gets asked over 3.5 billion questions each day. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. What are you doing for your piece of the pie? Google are not greedy, they want you to have some of the pie. You just need to access Google in the right way to get a piece.

Are you on Google? Do you look good on Google? Do you update your Google? Is your website linked to Google?

How Do People Find Your Code?

So you get a website, it looks good and you sit back and bask in the ambience of the achievement in having it visible for the world to see. Do they see it? Only if you type in That is your code! Nothing else. Only if Joe Bloggs from Bishop Auckland, Darlington or Newton Aycliffe knows the code does Joe Bloggs see your site. Does he know the code? Absolutely not! He just knows that he needs the service he needs. What does he do? Joe Bloggs googles the service. Google then chooses who is most relevant to the question. So how do we as businesses get Google to see us? Get it linked to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft and the rest. Now we are getting somewhere. Now you are in line for people to find you through other avenues. Are you there yet? Absolutely not!

What Is Your Website?

How do we attract attention? Are you a Volcano or a molehill? A mole buries up out of the ground and has a look about. Then off he pops back down his hole and that’s it. You can see he has been there and if you go looking, you will see that there has been some activity at some point. Google know it, Bing know it, and the rest will know it. Does that grab their attention? Absolutely not!

Super Volcano Website

So how do we turn the heads of the online superpowers of Google, Bing and the rest? Well you definitely need to create more than a molehill. How about making it a super volcano? What if we power it and charge it with magma, lava and mantle. Have it red hot with charge from the activity behind the scenes. Update, renew and post. Get the lava flow and the magma bubbling. Let’s get this site bursting with ejecta bombs, conduit curtains and fire fountains! Posting new images, new text and videos. What are you doing on You Tube, Facebook and Google platforms?

Make Your Website Erupt

Let’s charge this baby up! A live volcano that is erupting cannot be ignored. It is there and everyone around know about it. Nobody has to look for it, they just know. The talk of it gets around the world within minutes. Can your website do this? Absolutely if you give it enough energy to erupt.

Keep Playing With It

Get those tremors shear wave surges going with a website that works. Don’t leave it alone. Don’t let it just simmer. Get it erupting with life. Google Love It!!! People Love It! I Love It! It takes time, commitment, energy and money. But it can be worth it for many businesses that want to be found.


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