Make Your Marketing Work - Track Your Leads

I have been working with many businesses lately with marketing materials promoting their business. It has been interesting seeing how business owners see marketing. One thing I press the business owner for is results. Some clients spend over £3,000 on a marketing campaign and leave it up to fate to know the results. Words like ‘hopefully’ or ‘with any luck’ and then do just that, hope.

It is easy to create a marketing campaign and then leave it in the hand of fate. It is common sense to create a marketing campaign and then monitor the outcomes of that campaign. But in a world where common sense is not that common, I find myself asking customers to monitor the outcomes and be told that they do not have time to do so.

If you do not know the impact of each campaign, then how do you know which one to run again? If one works and another does not, then you knock the one that doesn’t on the head. Is this correct? If it is correct, then is it not vital that you record the outcomes to make sure you can make a calculated judgement on your next campaign?

Have a simple question strategy put in place with all your staff where on meeting clients you know exactly where that lead has come from. Log it, monitor it and act on the results. Next time you sit down with your marketing company or you have a meeting about your next marketing campaign, you have solid data to work from. Large multi-million pound businesses do it daily, so why are the small businesses not?

Make your marketing work for you by working on your marketing. It doesn’t finish with the campaign going live. It is completed when you have all the data from the results of the marketing.

This is maybe a reason many businesses are reluctant to work with marketing companies. Too many have put content out into the world and never monitored it.

Marketing will never work this way as you will never get a return on your budget if you do not record the results.


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