Marketing Your Business In 2018

Google Are Kings

A new year and a continuation of the vision. No big changes but there doesn’t need to be. Google have aired their potential changes in 2018 and it relates to content. Google want to see businesses keeping fresh on Google. The search engine giants will be prioritising business listings that are up to date and relevant.

Mobile Driven

The other key focus for Google this year is mobile responsive websites. If you are not sure how responsive your site is, check it. There are many different sites that can check this for you. It all relates to the time it takes to load your site on a mobile phone. The shorter loading time, the better.

Is your business relevant online? How much focus do you place on an up to date Google listing? I for one am updating mine weekly. You may not have to do it that often but it helps.

Darlington – Newton Aycliffe – Darlington  V  London – U.S.

Working on Newton Aycliffe Business Park and around the Bishop Auckland and Darlington area, I see many businesses that have a website and that is it. The question I get asked a lot is why is my website not working for me?

The question I must ask here is, what are you feeding it? Having a website is not enough. You need to be updating the site with new images, content and video. Content is key and Google love it. Businesses in the London area know it, value it and invest in it.

Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and generally the North East of England really need to catch up with the South East. This is a little alarming when you think how far behind the South East is compared to the U.S.

Change Is Inevitable

There is lots of work to be done to make sure the North East of England do not fall any further behind. It is my personal pledge that the North East of England will thrive in an ever changing world.

I love the North East, I love Newton Aycliffe and the people here have so much to offer the world. In a world of Google and online submersion, I want this region to be in the race.

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