Meet the team!

Updated: 4 days ago

One of Pixel Media’s core values is collaboration.

Therefore, we wanted to introduce ourselves a little more. Knowing our clients on a personal level is what makes the difference between good and outstanding designs.

As of writing this, four of us make up Pixel Media Design. Don't be fooled by our size. If size mattered, elephants would rule the jungle.

Our directors.

Firstly, meet Graham Marsh, one of the directors here at Pixel Media. Graham’s creativity is the driving force behind Pixel Media’s ability to create unique and bespoke graphic designs and websites.

Forward thinking, innovative and fresh ideas are at the heart of any project taken on. A keen eye for detail and contemporary designs is what set Graham's work apart from the rest.

He is a true problem solver, coming into any given situation with reason and enthusiasm. He is the joker within the office, keeping a smile on everyone's face.

Next up, Pixel Media’s other director, Ian Proctor. A true business man. He has worked within many different industries, providing consistent communications with all clients.

Ian graduated from Durham University with a BA with honours. His background of education assures that Ian will wholly understand your business and deliver the service you expect.

Collaboration is Ian’s passion. Providing a great result comes from communicating with clients, assuring they are happy with each process.

If he’s not drinking a coffee, he will be telling you a philosophical business quote, which actually could blow your mind.

Our graphic designer.

Then, we have Adam Sayers who is our lead graphic designer. He is a real perfectionist. Coming out of University with a first class honours degree in Graphic design, his skills are adaptable to any sector.

Any job that is taken on is always completed to the highest standard, no detail is overlooked. He provides contemporary and fresh ideas, setting Pixel Media’s designs ahead of the competition.

No work comes out slapdash or half-done, that’s just not his style. If you are wondering, his style is minimalism and he does it perfectly. Adam is the office DJ, he provides the feel-good tunes to get us working

hard through the day.

Our content creator.

Lastly, our social media manager and content creator, Ellie Shooter. Ellie came to Pixel straight from college where she received 3 A stars!

As we all expect, college graduates are green, gullible, lazy and unable to hold a conversation with an adult. Ellie is the absolute opposite of all these things. Speak to Ellie and she exceeds her years but maintains a youthful, fun and incredible drive.

In the short time, she has been with us, she has proved she can write, she understands the marketing world and a very exciting future lies in wait for Ellie.

Don’t be fooled by her age, she could change the way you market your business and increase leads through her skill set.

That's us!

As a team, we are pretty powerful. We have expertise in all areas of digital marketing and digital design, making us an ideal company to come to for all your marketing solutions.

We stay true to our core values; creativity, collaboration and outstanding value. We care for our clients as we align our values with them, allowing a dynamic synergy, leading to our outstanding value.

Always feel free to call in for a cup of coffee, remember, it always starts with a conversation...