I want to talk to you about a moment when you are putting a flier together, some images onto a graphic design piece of material or power point.

The moment is set within a procedure. The procedure is a design piece. So you are creating a front page to some advertising or training or FB post. You get all the headings in. You then place all the sub headings in. The picture is in there. You put some other bits and pieces in. Then you start tweaking.

This is when your professional graphic designer winces at the very thought of what is going to happen. You begin moving things so they are central. You start moving other things off centre. You increase the font size, lower the font size, change the font and then change the colour.

When you are in full flow of getting it all perfect we arrive at that moment. The moment of certain doom. You see that image. It lines up perfectly at the top edge and bottom edge. But side to side, it could do with being a little wider to make it equal all the way around!

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I hear all you graphic designers scream. You know what they are going to do. It is almost like an innate feature of the general make up of mankind. Yes, that’s right, you grab the left or right side little circle on the outer perimeter of the image and you drag it along. The image stretches a little, but no one will ever notice………………………..

No one will notice why the overall image looks bad. They can’t put their finger on it. One could say that it is almost subliminal. Yes, it all looks alright. But it’s not. Alright is not alright. That will do. That will do will not do at all. Professionally we all know that ‘that will do’ is not good enough. Nearly enough is not enough. Not short of is actually short of.

As a business presenting themselves to the world, I have a top tip. Are you ready?




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