Sharpen Your Strategies

When working with many differing businesses, it is interesting to see how they respond to many of our questions. When creating an image for a brand or a website for a business we always ask questions. As a design business we need the look of our design to reflect the business. The first thing we do is ask questions about the business.

During the questioning we ask questions like, why did you set up in the industry? What is your unique selling point? Have you seen other businesses that you like the look of? What are your core values? What is the purpose of your business?

Many businesses are unable to answer these questions. Many successful businesses are unable to answer these questions. Being able to answer these questions can sharpen up your business with marketing material. It doesn’t stop at marketing material, it also aids employee’s understand how they operate within the business.

It is great for word of mouth marketing too, as your customers will have a much more specific understanding of your business.

As a design company it is important for us to know what the core values are and what the businesses customer base looks like. Is it high end or value for money. Both have very different looks. A business selling a product need to look different to one that sells a service.

To say I don’t know to these questions is an indication that you need to work on your marketing strategy. I speak with businesses daily about their strategies and give ideas on how to move forward with razor sharp conviction on their marketing ideas.

It all starts with a conversation and here at Pixel Media, we are open to speaking with many businesses about their strategies.

It all starts with a conversation.


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