Should we be using video in 2018 To Promote Our Business?

The stats speak for themselves. Google it and you will see some incredible stats that will prove time and again the power of video.

Marketing through the power of video is far more powerful than that of text and images. With this in mind, although there is a lot of video content being published, why are businesses reluctant to go down the route of video marketing?

Everyone has a phone with fairly powerful lenses and imagery as part of them. We have access to the tools to make simple video but businesses are still reluctant to create video content. Why?

From my experience there is a multitude of reasons for this. Here are a few;

1) Creating a professional video takes time

2) Creating a professional video requires someone to appear in the video which can be intimidating for many.

3) There are certain skills required to edit a video with the required excellence to publish a professional look.

4) Many companies lack the creative discipline required to create suitable content that can impact potential customers with products they offer.

What is the answer? How can businesses create a professional video without the expense? The answer is there is no cheap way. The fact is, professional video content takes time, skill, personality and creativity. You will require at least two of these to create a professional looking video.

Even if you know someone that has these attributes, it will still take them time. Someone with these attributes generally don’t give up their time easily or willingly. In the end, one way or another it is going to cost £££££££’s.

So there is a balance between the power of video and the cost of the video. Why does life have to be so complicated!? Just when you thought there was a possibility to produce great marketing at low cost, a spanner is thrown into the mix.

I know what you are thinking, some of the greatest videos you see are none professional, taken from a cheap phone with poor audio. You would be right, but many of those videos are not projecting a professional image.

My advice is that if you can’t do it, don’t do it. Whatever you do, do not use cheap video creation tools that create a generic video with a ‘that will do’ attitude. I see it too often, businesses chasing the dream of video because the power of video is incredible. By doing so, you dilute the interest in video online and you just come across as bad quality.

Understand that quality video costs time. We all know that time is money. My advice is to find a great videographer that offers great value for money and is trust worthy with the time they take to create quality.

Check out some of our videos. Some of it can be done in great time ensuring great value for money. Some of the videos take an age to create and will inevitably come at a cost.

Either way, you get a great professional look that will, without doubt, market through the power of video which is far more powerful than that of text and image.


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