What Are You Saying About Your Business Online?

Lately, I have reviewed my customers online presence and it is astounding when you begin to look around. More than 80% of these customers I found online have more than 1 address, have different key words, have differing and out of date images attached to their online presence. 

Another major concern for these businesses is the text that many online listings have for them are adhoc at best. No real message is being conveyed. I often say to businesses regarding their online presence, especially Facebook is "To have an account and keep it up to date and relevant or don't have one at all".

A large factor in being found by the big search engines is having all your contact details the same. When there are variations across the web, the big search engines recognise this and pull your business down in the searches.

Further to this, it doesn't look professional. It can confuse people, never mind search engines. 

It is definitely worth having a regular check up on your online presence. Why not do it now? Google your business name and go through the first couple of pages. Do they convey the same message? It really isn't rocket science.


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