Your Potential Is Limitless

The cost cutting business model is a dangerous business model.

If you make cuts to your business to the point of breaking, you may add about 10 to 20% to your bottom line. 

Building on what comes into your business is a whole different proposition. Potentially, what kind of percentages to the bottom line are we talking about when we change our thinking to income building?

The answer is that there is no percentage as the potential is limitless! This concept I like!

What do we have to do within our business to increase this limitless bottom line?

It is plain and simple. We have to market our business to increase income. Great marketing is the key to our success as businesses. It amazes me to see businesses struggling to make ends meet with a budget of zero for marketing and then wonder why income is not increasing.

Make sure your marketing is targeted and not adhoc.

Make sure your advertising doesn’t look cheap.

Make sure your advertising is quality from the content to the images.

Place your marketing in front of the right place at the right time.


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